Strainge Sessions brings you new amazing acts to discover!

Strainge Sessions is an evolving curation of new talent, designed to promote a new mentality of creativity and organic, raw music. Through creating engaging environments where music and audiences can connect in ways they wouldn't otherwise normally, we strive to showcase the best of Boston's live musical artists. 

We invite you to come and celebrate with us either as a performer or fan. 

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Harvest Records is a major record label belonging to Capitol Music Group, originally created by EMI, active from 1969 to present. Harvest Records Management Team Jacqueline Saturn and Piero Giramonti are tasked with running the label as an independent label, with the support of Capitol Music Group and Caroline Distribution for distribution, radio promotion and licensing. As of 2013, the Harvest roster consists of TV on the Radio, Arthur Beatrice, Babes, Banks, Death Grips, the Olms, together PANGEA, White Lies and Young & Sick.

Strainge Sessions  Co-Founder Elliot Grainge w. Harvest Records Co GMs Jacqueline Saturn & Piero Giramonti

Strainge Sessions Co-Founder Elliot Grainge w. Harvest Records Co GMs Jacqueline Saturn & Piero Giramonti


Strainge Sessions is the key to unlocking the raw, hidden talent buried in Boston, and is committed to showcasing Boston’s best musical talent and bring them from the limelight to the spotlight. If you think you or your band has what it takes to make it in this industry opportunity, we’d love to hear from you by applying within this page.

To take part in this opportunity, we ask that you upload your best soundcloud/bandcamp/spotify music streaming links, live video (if applicable), and a bio as well your contact information to we can carefully review your work. Also don’t hesitate to let us know if you have upcoming shows in the local Boston area we think there is no better way to screen an artist and see their energy, than the good old fashion offline way!



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