Strainge Sessions is music discovery platform that operates both offline and online. At the core are the Strainge Sessions bi-weekly music industry showcases dedicated to bringing forth the most talented musicians of Boston and placing them in a professional atmosphere, while giving them the opportunity for exposure and the chance to get signed by industry leaders from Harvest Records, Capitol Music Group, and others. 
Officially partnering with Harvest Records, the label that brought us artists such as Matt and Kim, Banks, Kasabian, and more, as well as Bijou Nightclub, Boston's premier nightlife venue, this event series promises an exciting atmosphere and an amazing opportunity for the selected artists, and for everyone that comes out to enjoy the show.


When Strainge Sessions co-founders, Elliot Grainge and Alexander Irinarchos got together to brainstorm ideas around how to strengthen the Boston music scene, the two quickly came to a realization: Boston, a city bursting at the seams with raw musical talent, lacked a forum where the best talent could perform in front of a great crowd, surrounded by fans as well as industry leaders.

The idea then became crystal clear: to combine a legitimate artist industry showcase event series, at an amazing venue to facilitate real industry opportunities for artists whilst also building a real grassroots culture around music discovery and fan engagement in Boston.