Elliot Grainge - Co-Founder & Co General Manager

Northeastern university Entrepreneur - founder of nightlife promotion company, Take Boston - exclusive to Bijou nightclub. Founder of Strainge Entertainment - signed and re-located UK based artist, Zernell Fontaine and then upstreamed it to Republic Records. Album tba 2015. Lots of experience in music industry.

Alexander Irinarchos - Co-Founder & Co General Manager

Alex recently graduated a bachelor in Business Administration & Entrepreneurship with a minor in Music Industry from Northeastern University in Boston. In the past he has co-founded and helped run a small music festival in Sweden, held several positions within sales and digital marketing incl. selling Google Adword solutions for Eniro, as well as worked on numerous entrepreneurial projects within app-based digital consumer loyalty [LOYAL], music-publishing [Popoligy], and music production [Whisper Music]. Alex also brings a direct musical mindset to Strainge Sessions having been an artist-manager, a producer, and a DJ having performed throughout Boston, parts of Greece, & his native Stockholm.

Shannon Marie Horowitz - Public Relations

A Los Angeles native, Shannon Horowitz is currently enrolled at Emerson College in Boston, as a Journalism Major. She is expected to graduate in 2016. As a music journalist, she has contributed to and managed multiple music blogs and magazines. Shannon started her career as a music journalist writing for She contributed articles and photos to the site, and helped the site gain popularity-- while she managed it’s facebook page, reach went from around 5,000 views per day to about 25,000 in a span of 4 months. She continued her passion for writing and music by contributing to other sites such as, DJ Times, and Vibe Magazine with interviews and photos. Most recently she has been working with DJ Magazine as a freelance journalist.

Alex Olsen - Digital media Strategy, Design & Development

IAN GUNN - brand manager 

Maxwell stofman & Robbie Wulfsohn - A&R & Artist relations